Program June 2018

Confronting Differences – a selection of video works by artists based in Korea.

curated by Sooyoung Lee, curator of Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea

The works in the program take the notion of contacting with unfamiliar situations as a starting point. They deal with conflicts between different situations or environments – between different materials, cultures and ideologies. The artists search for a way to deal with the conflicts. They observe, frame and explore the differences and finally, they accept the differences in their own way. However, the conflicts in their reality are repeated endlessly.


selected films:

Sunmin Park Big Eats Small, 8 min. // 2018

Joo-mee Paik 320 Self Portraits, 10 min. // 2018

Joo-mee Paik Timescape, 8:23 min. // 2018

Kibian Chameleon, 8:43 min. // 2014

Sindae Kang Our attitude of confronting catastrophe, 9:55 min. // 2018




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