Program May 2018


curated by artists Lina Sieckmann and Miriam Gossing

The films in the program take the notion of space as a starting point for a diversity of cinematic experiments. Artistic interventions range between subversion, illusion and passivity. Spaces of uneasiness, boredom, flamboyancy and non-compliance. Spaces that do not exist, spaces that are created within editing, spaces reaching out from far beyond. Reshaping the present through a prism of images, the film itself turns into a mystifying architecture. Spouting, bursting, pretending, shrinking, loitering and absorbing.


selected films:

Johann Lurf 12 Explosionen, 6 min. // Austria, 2008

Karen Asmundson Tasman hates the beach, 3:20 min. // Canada, 2016

Sophie Michael The Watershow Extravaganza, 10 min. // UK, 2016

Arianne Olthaar Hotel Forum, 9:30 min. // Netherlands, 2016

Mona Kakanj Window Shopping, 5:30 min. // Iran, 2015

Paul Spengemann Untitled, 5 min. // Germany, 2015

Matthias Tharang Per Aspera ad Astra, 5 min. // Netherlands/UK, 2011

Henning Frederik Malz John’s Desire, 3:50 min. // Germany, 2011


Videostills by Karen Asmundson, Sophie Michael, Paul Spengemann, Henning Frederik Malz, Matthias Tharang

* Please note that from May 10 to 13 the regular program of Capri by Night will be interrupted due to intersecting programming of Schauspiel Köln and will screen content related to the event Britney X.