Program May 2018


curated by artists Lina Sieckmann and Miriam Gossing

The films in the program take the notion of space as a starting point for a diversity of cinematic experiments. Artistic interventions range between subversion, illusion and passivity. Spaces of uneasiness, boredom, flamboyancy and non-compliance. Spaces that do not exist, spaces that are created within editing, spaces reaching out from far beyond. Reshaping the present through a prism of images, the film itself turns into a mystifying architecture. Spouting, bursting, pretending, shrinking, loitering and absorbing.


selected films:

Johann Lurf 12 Explosionen, 6 min. // Austria, 2008

Karen Asmundson Tasman hates the beach, 3:20 min. // Canada, 2016

Sophie Michael The Watershow Extravaganza, 10 min. // UK, 2016

Arianne Olthaar Hotel Forum, 9:30 min. // Netherlands, 2016

Mona Kakanj Window Shopping, 5:30 min. // Iran, 2015

Paul Spengemann Untitled, 5 min. // Germany, 2015

Matthias Tharang Per Aspera ad Astra, 5 min. // Netherlands/UK, 2011

Henning Frederik Malz John’s Desire, 3:50 min. // Germany, 2011




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