Program April 2018

In April, a selection of submissions to the International Women’s Film Festival (PANORAMA section) are shown at Capri by Night every night from sunset to sunrise: current videos made by women, personal and quirky, radical and independent, complex and diverse in style.

We start with a straight line against a blank background – sometimes all it takes to understand life. Megatrick literally gets quickly and directly to the point, although a few kinks along the way might not be a bad thing. In A Love Letter To The One I Made Up, expressive prints combine fantasy and reality, while a dreamy, surrealist world morphs into a utopia in Solar Walk: worlds are destroyed to make way for new things, creations in outer space. Wasteland No 1 obsessively explores images and structures. Circuit boards and computer processors turn into cartographic information, towns from above glimmer against images of poppies in full bloom. Junkanoo Talk asks who has the authority to speak about a certain culture, examining the cultural codes of colour and gestures in the carnival of the Bahamas. Concepts of adaptation and suitability are unsolved social questions that are also asked in What Time is Love?. And in Katzenlotto a random idea is visualised with the charm of a Super 8 film.


selected films:

Anne Isensee Megatrick, D 2017, 2:00

Rachel Gutgarts A Love Letter To The One I Made Up, ISR 2017, 6:00

Reka Busci Solar Walk, DK 2018, 21:00

Jodie Mack Wasteland No. 1, USA 2017, 4:10

Rhea Starr Junkanoo Talk, UK 2017, 12:00

Anna Franceschini What Time is Love?, IT, NL, D 2017, 12:00

Dagie Brundert Katzenlotto, D 2017, 3:00


Videostills by Reka Busci, Anne Isensee, Jodie Mack, Anna Franceschini

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