Program March 2018

‘Crossing Seas and Mountains’

curated by Antonie Angerer & Anna-Viktoria Eschbach (Directors and founders of I: project space, Beijing)

Crossing Seas and Mountains examines the networks and new definitions that epitomize the shape of a distributed, pluralistic, non-linear world. Like Sadie Plants’ witch, who desires to fly throughout space “crossing seas and mountains”, this screening investigates transitions across multiple systems and body identities, in reference to Zeros+Ones.

Physically present in Beijing, I: project space offers a hybrid practice in creating a new network of art practice and discourse, challenging preexisting notions of social, cultural and political forces in art. As the body is simultaneously personal and political, this screening is collecting work that forges connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural identity in a digital world.


selected films:

Shuang Li Marry Me For Chinese Citizenship, 2016, 4:25 min

Juliet Carpenter Half Bianca, 2014, 5:20 min

Tu Lang Eye Massager, 2017, 16:56 min

Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra Deep Alamat, 2014, 4:09 min

Barbara Signer Golden Cage, 2018, 2 min

Daniel Stubenvoll Untitled, 2015, 10:07 min

Double Fly Art Center Atom Egg, 2015, 4:14 min


This video selection is part of ongoing investigation “Feminist South” by the Australian artist and performer Kelly Doley and I: project space.

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