Program September 2017

JAPAN – Past and future, history and reality.
Introducing the variety of the images that capture the appearance of Japan, created by artists with two completely different approaches.

curated by Kentaro Totsuka, director of hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK / TOKYO

selected films:

by WOW, an artist collective based in Tokyo, Sendai and London:

Tokyo Light Odyssey, 2016, 5.24 min

Fatality, 2017, 2.30min

TOKYO DENSE FOG, 2015, 3.26 min


by Tetsugo Hyakutake, based in Tokyo:

Hirohito and MacArthur, 2009-11, 3.05 min

Hiroshima #1, 2009, 4.15 min

Hiroshima #2, 2009, 2.37 min

Tokyo, 2011, 1.23 min


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