Program April 2017

In April CAPRI BY NIGHT is curated by Philipp Fürnkäs, independent curator, author and lecturer. He recently curated the special show Rhinescope as part of the 50th Art Cologne and the exhibition Splitter and Amalgam as part of the 1st edition of Die Digitale Düsseldorf 2016.

The core subject of the works presented in April is corporal presence in different forms. The staging of the body makes use of various artistic means like costumes, props and performers but also found footage and editing techniques such as superimposition, color filters and loops. In the context of the digital era – which is determined by the affirmative credo of a globally effective and a media-conveyed self-optimization – the artists also in reaction to it create diverse surreal worlds. In tableau-like settings, sometimes dreamy then ironic, they investigate each in their own way the contemporary conditio humana.


selected films:

Christian Friedrich Untitled, 2011, 33:24 min

Tessa Knapp Kuyruklu Piyano, 2009/2017, 4:50 min

Stefan Panhans The Long Goodbye (Pre-Afterwork-Ok-Clubset) V, 2013, 26:26 min

Julika Rudelius Rituals, 2012, 11:53 min

Daniel Sabranski Kaleidoskop, 2004-2014, 6:31 min

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