Program March 2017

In March CAPRI BY NIGHT is curated by Nicole Rebmann, program commission member of the Short Film Festival Cologne and the Women’s Film Festival. She also curates programs for the Filmwinter Stuttgart and is part of the organization team of the Short Film Festival Oberhausen and Berlinale.

– Glimpses into a room: In the rhythm of a dance the different facets of life pass by. Caught in the own apartment looking out of the window: On building facades of a city, on the street and into the sky which is the same for everyone. Observing the world via surveillance cameras: Watching what would remain hidden. Fast motion, collage and loops dissolve the horizon up to an abstraction of the the outside world –


selected films:

Laure Prouvost Monolog, United Kingdom 2009, 9 Min

Zbigniew Rybczinski Tango, Poland 1981, 8 Min

Bert Gottschalk Framing (Bildfenster/Fensterbilder), Germany 2007, 6 Min

Thomas Vroege, Floor van der Meulen, Issa Touma 9 Days  – From My Window in Aleppo, Syria/Netherlands 2015, 13 Min

Michel Klöfkorn Zeitraffer, Germany 2012, 4 Min

Aki Nakazawa Drawing Wishes, Japan 2006, 4:35 Min

Benny Nemerofsky-Ramsay Live To Tell, Canada 2002, 5 Min

Dariusz Kowalski Elements, Austria 2005, 8 Min

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